Salsa on Sunday NYC C'on Sabor

(917) 816 - 9902


Edison Hidalgo "Mr. SOS"  (left) has been a dedicated Salsero for years. He has been dancing at socials for years sharing his love for Salsa among those around him. He's been a social dancer throughout New York City, constantly promoting SOS for the last few years. He has taken salsa classes at: Santo Rico, Zafire, Cache Dance Studio, Steve Seda Dance Studio, Ray Vega (East Side of Manhattan), Junior Belone, and Vitaliz Perez (West Side of Manhattan.)

DJ Ray Vega (right)  is a dance instructor from Salsa On2 for more than 20 years. You can find him in  "El Faro Community Center" located on the Upper East Side. He is also a DJ that knows that "Salseros" need to be able to execute their moves on the dance floor. 

Today, they  have decided to bring you the next Salsa on Sunday NYC C'on Sabor in the Times Squares Area. Salsa on Sunday NYC C'on Sabor is a great and modern social only with the best classic salsa music for all levels. 

Edison Hidalgo will be posting pictures of all socials here, Facebook, and videos on his youtube channel: Edison Hidalgo Channel.