Salsa on Sunday NYC C'on Sabor

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Dardo Galletos Dance Studio

Dardo Galletos Dance Studio

Mr. SOS is proud to introduce Salsa on Sunday NYC C'on Sabor. Taking place every 4th Sunday of every month, we open our doors to all that are ready to get their Salsa on!

You can find us dancing it up to DJ. Ray Vega's tunes at...

Dardo Galletos Dance Studio                                                           151 West 46th Street,  (Between 6th Ave and Broadway) 11th Floor                                                                                                 New York, NY 10036

This is a LATIN DANCE SOCIAL (Salsa ON2 with a touch of Bachata and merengue) held in a large dance studio with an excellent wooden dance floor, mirror walls, state of the art sound system with a nearby café and restaurants.  We will be serving water, sports drinks and other beverages, as well as snacks.